Funder Inc


Growing Donations To Plant 50 Million Trees By 2024!

MyTrees is an initiative setup by Funder Inc in Partnership with Conservation International that aims to tackle climate change by enabling everyday people to grow their own rainforests - thereby offsetting their own carbon footprint. Consumers can join MyTrees on subscription and choose how many trees they would like to plant each month - keeping up to date with the number of trees they’ve planted and the positive environmental impact (like carbon offset) their contributions are responsible for.

MyTrees appointed Growthcurve to run paid social customer acquisition and a Conversion Rate Optimisation programme aimed at boosting the number of site visitors that become paid subscribers.

As with all accounts we began with hands-on pilot testing and experimentation - instead of protracted desk research and guesswork. We produced a range of thumb stopping ad creative in a vast array of variants which we tested against audiences meticulously built by our media team (from first party data, ‘lookalikes’ and niche targeting), and analysed the patterns associated with high click-through rates and valuable post-click user behaviour (like choosing a higher-tier subscription in the checkout flow).

Once we knew exactly what each of MyTrees target audiences found most compelling - we began optimising the post-click (landing page experiences) further to reduce cost per acquisition experimenting with messaging, visual design, information hierarchy, trust-signals like partner badges, social proof like customer testimonials, custom built interactive elements to visualise the environmental impact consumers could with different subscription tiers, pricing options and user onboarding journeys. Our ongoing acquisition and optimisation work with MyTrees has helped form a clear roadmap for scaling the business and identified several simple adjustments to the core product proposition and business model that could lead to an improved rate of growth and ultimately more revenue.

Tactical Lead Generation

During the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in early 2020 that saw nations around the world put citizens on ‘lockdown’ we seized the opportunity to launch a tactical campaign for MyTrees, giving participants the chance to win prizes that would make being forcibly confined to their homes a little more fun. The goal of the campaign was to introduce MyTrees to new audiences that were environmentally conscious but hadn’t yet taken direct action in donating to fight climate change.

Growthcurve built a custom microsite which integrated a prize feed of high-ticket lifestyle products that were trending due to the Covid-19 outbreak. This feed offered people the chance to win valuable prizes simply by writing and posting a public message of support for MyTrees’ mission to plant 50 million trees by 2024. The site featured a live feed of these messages, helping to create a buzz around the cause and an interactive panel showing the rainforests where MyTrees currently plants trees. All supporters details were integrated with the MyTrees’ CRM platform triggering a follow up sequence of educational comms aimed at converting supporters into paying subscribers.

The site went viral - generating thousands of positive messages per day about fighting climate change, more than doubling MyTrees prospect database.