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How to Recruit a Growth Marketing Agency

Feb 05, 2022
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Want to increase your business growth? Marketing is the answer. But what do you do when you don’t have any marketing knowledge? You hire! Here’s some top tips on building a powerhouse growth marketing team.

What do growth marketers do?

Growth marketers focus on running tests to increase user acquisition, keep consumers engaged, and increase retention and lifetime value. They want to create a marketing strategy that continually delivers business-boosting results, in the most cost-efficient way.

Growth marketing teams are responsible for:

  • Identifying areas to test and improve .
  • Creating and developing tests to optimise the processes that have been identified.
  • Conducting tests to see if hypothesised results are true.
  • Analysing the data and, if needed, performing optimised experiments to get further results.

When to hire a growth marketing agency

Knowing when to hire isn’t necessarily obvious. If you are at any of these points, it’s time to recruit:

  1. When you are looking for market validation for your product
    If your company has achieved product-market fit, it's the right time to recruit a growth marketer. You've established the demand for your product among your target audience, and it's time to put together a strong team to work on tests and scalable growth plans.

  2. When you need high-quality leads
    A qualified growth marketer can help you find the outlets that provide your company with high-quality leads. they’ll also know the right messaging and creative to use to secure the lead.

  3. You want to find innovative ways to market your products
    Growth marketers use their creativity to try new things to figure out what works best for your business. They run tests, track outcomes, and evaluate data to determine the most effective marketing strategy.

  4. If you get stuck trying to increase results
    Traditional marketing often plateaus. If you're searching for more results, you should use a growth marketing strategy.

  5. If you want to identify new trends
    Using new trends can help you to promote your business. Following the proper trends helps expose your group to a larger audience and increase your exposure. A growth marketer will know how to incorporate new and upcoming trends to get the biggest results.

  6. You want to maximise your returns
    Every new business wants to get the most money out of its investment. As a startup, you may need to change your plan or remove specific channels to maximise your profits. A competent growth marketer will increase your ROI by discovering and improving high-yielding marketing channels while eliminating low-yielding ones. They aim to increase client lifetime value so you can get more money out of your current customers, as well as bringing in new ones.

How To Hire A Growth Marketing Agency or a Digital Marketing Agency?

The easiest way to discover Growth Marketing Agencies is by using one of the leading agency directories. You're able to quickly filter agencies on criteria like the services they provide, their core specialism, their location, cost and client reviews.

Here are 3 places you can find Digital Marketing Agencies or Growth Marketing Agencies like Growthcurve listed:

  1. Clutch:
    Growthcurve's Growth Marketing Agency Profile on Clutch
  2. The Drum:
    Our Marketing Agency profile on The Drum and on their Advertising Agency directory The Drum Recommends
  3. Design Rush:
    Our listing as one of the Top 30 Digital Marketing Agencies In New York on Design Rush
Growthcurve | Top New York Digital Marketing Agency
Listed by Design Rush as one of the Top 30 Digital Marketing Agencies in New York

Why should you hire an agency?

Don’t discount the immense value you could get from working with an agency.

  1. Save time and money
    Your marketing budget can be quickly swallowed by hiring staff, bigger facilities, updating systems, and training. The cost of hiring a team of top-tier growth marketers is going to be unreachable for most startups. Working with a specialist growth agency like Growthcurve, will save you time and also save you money whilst delivering an expert team of growth marketers who can handle performance, creative and optimisation. Why spend money on one person, when you can get a whole team of experts for the same cost with added flexibility?

  2. Get better results
    A growth marketing agency will track all indicators to identify what's working and where your efforts are most effective. This is where you will see a real return on your investment. Based on their findings, they will update their plan. A professional agency is well-trained in capturing accurate data and turning it into action to boost your marketing performance.

  3. Experience matters
    People who work with you at an agency have a thorough awareness of the marketing field, having created several successful growth campaigns for various businesses across a huge variety of industries that can’t be matched by one individual.

  4. Focus on what you do best
    When you engage a growth marketing firm, you can focus on what you do best and not have all your time swallowed up by managing extra staff, or the campaigns themselves.

  5. Knowledge of current trends and technology
    Growth marketing agencies are constantly on the cutting edge of technology and trends. Performance-driven agencies use analytical reports, data, and software to target the right offers to the right clients at the right time. They are experts in their field and take their industry seriously. When you work with them, you automatically gain those advantages.

Growth marketing refers to the process of continually innovating, experimenting, and analysing tactics to increase their user base quickly and economically. Growthcurve is a qualified team of expert growth markers who can work as a wing of your company. Get in touch, and we'll talk about how to get your company unrivaled results.